Special issues published in Journal of the Neurological Sciences

Special issue on Tremors
Edited by Daniel D. Truong, Aasef G. Shaikh, Mark Hallett

Parkinsonism across the spectrum of movement disorders and beyond
Edited by Joseph Jankovic, Daniel D. Truong, Matteo Bologna

Vestibular and ocular motor system: bench, bedside, and in between
Edited by David Zee, Aasef Shaikh

Psychedelic & Interventional Psychiatry
Edited by Mark Gold

Edited by Aksel Siva and Tracey A.Cho

Tropical Neurology
Edited by Raad Shakir, Marco Tulio Medina, John England, Chandrashekhar Meshram

Addiction Medicine and Psychiatry- State of the Art 2020
Edited by Mark S. Gold

Tardive Syndromes and Their Management
Edited by Robert A. Hauser, Daniel D. Truong