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Book review

  • Lateralization in the nervous system

    (Papers presented at a symposium on lateralization, 19–21 April, 1975, CMDNJ-Rutgers medical school, Piscataway, NJ), by S. Harnard, R. W. Doty, L. Goldstein, J. Jaynes and G. Krauthamer (eds.), xlviii + 537 pages, 150 illustrations, 31 tables, Academic Press, New York, San Francisco, London, 1977, £ 23.75

    • J. Stein
    Published in issue: June 1980
  • Acetylcholine synthesis in neurons

    By S. Tuček, 274 pages, illustrated, Chapman and Hall, London, 1978, £ 17.50

    • J. Powell
    Published in issue: June 1980
  • Pediatric neurology and neurosurgery

    By R. A. Thompson and J. R. Green (eds.), xi + 420 pages, 111 illustrations, 47 tables, SP Medical and Scientific Books, New York, London, 1978, £ 17.50

    • Brian Bower
    Published in issue: June 1980
  • Handbook of clinical neurology, vol. 36 (intoxication of the nervous system, part I)

    By P. J. Vinken and G. W. Bruyn (eds.), in collaboration with M. M. Cohen and H. L. Klawans, xii + 582 pages, illustrated, North-Holland Publishing Company, Amsterdam, 1979, US$ 117.00, Dfl 240.00

    • W.B. Matthews
    Published in issue: June 1980