September 2014
Case Challenges: Strategies for Selection and Sequencing of Advanced Treatment Options in Multiple Sclerosis-Dialogue with the Experts

Presenters: Patricia K. Coyle, MD, Clyde E. Markowitz, MD, Anthony T. Reader

Despite continued advances in multiple sclerosis (MS) management, it remains unclear which therapies are best for certain patients during the course of their MS. Advancing MRI techniques and predictive and diagnostic biomarkers may allow the identification of patient subsets at high risk for developing MS or predict responders to specific drug therapies. Growing evidence suggests that MS is a disease with an evolving pathophysiology, and drugs that impact inflammation and/or neurodegeneration may be more or less effective at different stages of the disease. Clinician expertise about medication efficacy and safety should be integrated into the patient’s individual analysis of acceptable therapy risks and benefits, a balance that can evolve over the course of MS and will influence the staging and sequencing of current and emerging therapies.

Utilizing an audience interactive format with clinician-patient video vignettes, and expert faculty presentations, this case-based program will address gaps in learning and competence related to developing individualized management plans for MS patients. The program will challenge clinicians to rethink their current treatment approaches while keeping an eye on emerging therapies in order to optimize selection of individualized initial therapy and sequencing of therapies in MS.

Commercial Support: This activity is supported by an educational grant from Biogen Idec and Genzyme, a Sanofi Company

Review and Sponsorship: This Multimedia Activity has been peer-reviewed by The Journal of the Neurological Sciences and The Journal for Nurse Practitioners and is a joint partnership by Mount Sinai Beth Israel and Health Education Alliance.