Abstract|Stroke 2| Volume 357, SUPPLEMENT 1, e103-e104, October 15, 2015

Perception on stroke risk factors and warning symptoms among the stroke survivors and recurrence

      Background: Poor perception on stroke risk factors, warning symptoms, lack of continuity of secondary preventive measures is important etiological factors for recurrence of stroke.
      Objective: The study aimed to search the inter-relationship between perception of stroke among stroke survivors and related recurrence.
      Patients and methods: 1540 stroke survivors [M = 900, 59 ± 2 years; F = 640, 58 ± 2 years; ischemic 882 (57.27%); hemorrhagic 658 (42.73%)] were followed up at 8 weeks intervals for 1 year and enquired on educational tires, economical status, types of stroke, disability status and stroke risk factors. Perception on stroke was acquainted with relation to naming the organ involvement, risk factors; warning symptoms presented by the patient and need for continuing secondary preventive treatment.
      Results: Poor perception on stroke in respect to organ involvement, risk factors, warning symptoms, preventive measures, and socioeconomic status were responsible for discontinuity of secondary preventive treatment (P = <0.001). Discontinued patients had poor control of risk factors in relation to hypertension, diabetes, hyperlipidemia, smoking, alcoholism, peripheral or cardio-vascular disorder and low hemoglobin level (P = < 0.001). Significant relationship have been observed between discontinuation of secondary preventive treatment and enhancement of disability, recurrence and mortality (P = <0.001).
      Conclusion: Knowledge on stroke, risk factors, warning symptoms, preventive aspects are to be strengthened globally to reduce recurrence of rate, disability status, mortality and forecasting preventive measures through different mass media and to be intimated to national and international health planning authority for better outcome of stroke patient are preventive measures.