Abstract|Sleep Disorders 1| Volume 357, SUPPLEMENT 1, e98, October 15, 2015

Sleep disorders and their influence on the quality of life in haemodialyzed patients with chronic renal failure

      Background: Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) has a worldwide high prevalence. Studies of patients who are on renal replacement therapy, found that 50–80% report excessive daytime sleepiness. Insomnia has been associated with a poor quality of life in these patients.
      Objective: The aim of the study is to define the prevalence of sleep disorder and relationship between quality of life and day-schedule dialysis, serum calcium, K/tv rate and systemic inflammatory condition (measured by CRP) CKD in chronic haemodialysis patients.
      Material and methods: Descriptive transversal study, includes patients with CKD Stage 5D on haemodialysis who were attended in our Hospital. Demographics variables were determined, aetiology of CKD, Epworth score (ES), CRP, serum calcium, K/tv rate and quality of life (measured by EQ-5D). All patients signed informed consent.
      Results: Population consisted of 82 patients on regular dialysis (excluded 15). Average age was 50.8 ± 13.3 years and 54% were male. The main cause of CKD was hypertension. 21% of patients had more than 9 points in ES. The main cause was daytime sleepiness and Restless Legs Syndrome. There was no statistical association between the ES, CRP, k/TV rate and serum calcium. Patients on dialysis in afternoon had better ES that during the night (4.61 vs. 6.91 p = 0.05). There was a slight association between EQ5D and ES (R2 = 0.01).
      Conclusion: Sleep disorders have a low prevalence in our series. No relationship between daytime sleepiness and k/TV rate or serum calcium was found. There was a mild correlation between EQ5D and ES.