Abstract|Mixed Topics 3| Volume 357, SUPPLEMENT 1, e47, October 15, 2015

Microperimetry in the diagnosis of the first manifestation of optic neuritis in multiple sclerosis

      Background: We patented a new method of diagnosis of optic neuritis by microperimetry (Patent RU No. 2548511, priority of 29.11.2013).
      Objective: To identify subclinical lesions of the optic nerve at the first manifestation multiple sclerosis.
      Methods: The clinic S. Fyodorov Eye Microsurgery, Moscow, examined seven patients with complaints typical for monolateral optic neuritis (ON). RC-5000 Tomey, Cirrus HD-OCT; Humphrey HFA II-750i; Microperimetry on MP-1 (program 12° 10 dB stimulus Goldmann III), MRI of the brain and orbits (Siemens 1.5 Tl).
      Results: Visual acuity 7 patients in both eyes 1.0, fundus — unaffected. Intact fellow eye. OCT: retina nerve fiber layer from 88 to 108 nm, and the volume of the retinal ganglion cells 60 to 73 nm. Microperimetry: 4 eyes — a significant decrease in the average sensitivity of 6, 2 to 10, 8 dB and paracentral defects within 0, 2 and 4° from the fixation target, and 3 eyes — a moderate decrease in the average sensitivity from 15.2 to 16.8 dB, paracentral defects within the 2, 4, 6°, preferably in the upper quadrant. MRI in all patients: periventricular, subcortical, multiple foci size of 0.3–0.7 cm, some with signs of perifocal edema in the form of activity. Neurologist diagnosed with multiple sclerosis was confirmed.
      Conclusions: Method microperimetry revealed paracentral defects in cases of subclinical lesions of the optic nerve. In all cases had been diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. Microperimetry — informative method for diagnosis of subclinical lesions of the optic nerve at the first manifestation of multiple sclerosis.