Svedem, the Swedish dementia registry – A tool for improving the quality of diagnostics, treatment and care

      Background: In Sweden, there are over 100 quality registries. There was a need to initiate a dementia registry for both memory clinica and primary care units.
      Methods: The registration is on line on webpage The desriptive statistics, limitation, strenghts especially in primaty care units be discussed.
      Results: The database was initiated in May 2007 and covers almost all of Sweden. There were 50 000 patients registered during 2007–2014. The role of primary care units increased in that time and helped for diagnosis of new cases.
      Conclusion: SveDem provides knowledge about current dementia care in Sweden and serves as a framework for ensuring the quality of diagnostics, treatment and care across the country. The special role of primary care in dementia work up is important.