Guillain-Barré syndrome in the course of dengue

      A case report of a man, white, 39-year-old Brazilian with clinical picture of myalgia, fever and macular rash. He was diagnosed as having dengue, based on clinical manifestations and specific IgM titres.
      Ten days after the first symptoms of dengue, the patient developed muscle weakness, followed by tetraplegia and respiratory failure. Electromyography with electrical data demyelinating neuropathy and the cerebrospinal fluid associated with albuminocytologic dissociation. These neurologic findings were consistent with a diagnosis of Guillain-Barré.-polyneuropathy acute inflammatory syndrome, the patient was treated with immunoglobulin and metylprednisolone.
      Mechanical ventilation was initiated after admission and maintained for 21 days. After 30 days of hospitalization he left the hospital with muscle weakness and loss of patellar and ankle reflexes.