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    Jorge Luis Sánchez-Torres, Petra Yescas-Gómez, Julio Torres-Romero, Oscar Rojas Espinosa, Lilia López Canovas, Ángeles C. Tecalco-Cruz, María Dolores Ponce-Regalado, María Elizbeth Alvarez-Sánchez
    Vol. 419
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    Pedro Renato P. Brandão, Renato Puppi Munhoz, Talyta Cortez Grippe, Francisco Eduardo Costa Cardoso, Brenda Macedo de Almeida e Castro, Ricardo Titze-de-Almeida, Carlos Tomaz, Maria Clotilde Henriques Tavares
    Vol. 419
  • 2020 Cited articles

    15 December 2020
    Volume 419

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    The Journal of the Neurological Sciences provides a medium for the prompt publication of original articles in neurology and neuroscience from around the world. JNS places special emphasis on articles that: 1) provide guidance to clinicians around the world (Best Practices, Global Neurology); 2) report cutting-edge science related to neurology (Basic and Translational Sciences); 3) educate readers about relevant and practical clinical outcomes in neurology (Outcomes Research); and 4) summarize or editorialize the current state of the literature (Reviews, Commentaries, and Editorials).


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    The mission of the World Federation of Neurology is to improve human health worldwide by promoting prevention and the care of persons with disorders of the entire nervous system by:
    • Fostering the best standards of neurological practice.
    • Educating, in collaboration with neuroscience and other international public and private organisations.
    • Facilitating research through its Research Groups and other means.

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